We always wanna look good when we head outside or party with friends. Lets explore on the steps to style your beauty with minimal makeup. Before heading out, one utmost hack is take your 15 minutes beauty sleep followed by an ice massage to your face. You can cleanse your face with your chosen facewash and pat your skin dry. Now, take an ice cube covered in a cloth and massage your face to give a rosy cheek.

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The first step is application of 5 in 1 Skin Perfecting Cream of VOTRE to your face.Then apply Maybelline Fit me compact upon that layer. You can use THE ONE 5-in-1 wonder lash XXL waterproof mascara to your eyelashes to open up your eyes. Go for a Loreal liner magique eyeliner to draw those perfect curvy eye line at your upper eyelid.

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To make your face lively,choose the right shade of lipstick. I personally choose Revlon Matte 051 Red Rules The World, for giving a bolder and confident look. Or I go for Wet n Wild megalast matte 1419E Cinnamon spice lipstick to give a gleamy feminine look. Now its all done with the face….To transform your unruly hair to smooth manageable hair, you can go with Loreal Smooth intense serum. This makes your hair feel silky,smooth and manageable. You can style yourself within 15 minutes using minimal makeup and head outside…

Just give a try and let me know which part of the makeup you liked the most?….

With profound gratitude~

Jose Heavena Fernando

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